Most first-time catering clients ask, "How do I do this?" Since we're the experts - this is what we tell them: 

Firstly, you are going to need to know a few particulars of your event to begin planning. They are not all necessary - but knowing most of them will help the process.

What is the purpose of the event?

Is it a Wedding, Anniversary, Business Meeting, Reunion etc.? You donít need a reason to entertain but itís fun to create a theme or make a simple Barbeque into a special occasion.

When will it occur?

Having chosen the suitable date decide on the time of day, do you want a Morning Brunch, an Afternoon Tea, Cocktails, Dinner or anything in between?


Will it be indoors or out, a private home, church, community hall or centre? Each choice will require different needs and may be determined by booking fees or the need to rent a tent etc.

Who are your guests and how many?

Creating a Guest List is important, the profile of your guests will determine your choice of Menu. Give as much time as possible to allow your guests to respond to invitations. It is a good idea to specify an R.S.V.P. date.

What is your budget?

You donít need to spend a fortune to make your guests feel like a million dollars. Decide on how much you want to spend taking into consideration all costs and determine what is important to you.

Once we are familiar with your event, we can assist in planning the menu, as well as anything else you may need - we want to make your event as worry free as possible. 

Leave the planning to us

Once we know the particulars - here's how the rest of the process goes:

We will talk over the menu options that are suitable for your event (samples are available within this website), as well as assessing any rental needs (tables, chairs, china, glassware, specialty linens, tents, bar service, etc.) 

We will put together a detailed proposal for the event from the menu choices, rentals, staffing hours - to event details.

To take your planning to the next step, contact Fore and Aft Catering by clicking here. Our experience can save you a lot of time.

Terms and Conditions

The caterer should be notified with your expected number 7 days prior to your event, this number or the number of guests, whichever is the greater will be the number billed. We will be prepared for approx 10% over the expected number for food. If no final number is given the client will be billed for the number shown in the written quote at time of acceptance. The figure given seven days prior is not subject to reduction.

A deposit of $100.00 is required to secure the date for an event and reserve catering services. This is not usually refundable. 30 days prior to event this deposit is to be increased to 25% of quote and becomes non refundable 21 days prior to event. The balance is due and payable on completion of the event unless prior arrangements are made.

Prices subject to change up to 60 days prior to event.
All prices on menus and quotes are per person unless shown and are subject to applicable taxes and a  12%  gratuity.
Children between the ages of five and ten are charged half price.
On agreement, all details will be in writing.



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